For practitionersSustainability Management – Concepts, Instruments, and Stakeholders from a Global Perspective

The book is a valuable source of information for practitioners interested in various aspects of sustainability management. It includes numerous features and additional online material

  • Faces of sustainability: These features introduce thought leaders in sustainability from all areas of society – an inspiration for your daily business!
  • Sustainability in business: These features provide examples of sustainability and unsustainability in business practice – best and worst practice examples to learn for your own company.
  • Sustainability in society: These features illustrate practical challenges, ideas, and concepts of sustainability from a societal point of view – a deep-dive into many topics worth exploring.
  • Introductory screencasts for all chapters to gain an easy overview of all topics
  • Extensive glossary of sustainability terms


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Additional learning material

The additional learning material will be unlocked when the book is published in early 2022. Please see book page XX for the password to the additional learning material.